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Mar. 25th, 2010

leighton meester

Introduction to me...

Hey to anyone that may have come across to my journal. It's nice to meet you ;)!

This is my first public entry, because I figured, if anyone comes over to this, there should be something for them to read, right? Right. Honestly, this journal will probably be more private than public, but I will try to post something publics every once in a while.  So why is this going to be private? Because that was my main incentive to join LiveJournal - I started up a journal on a Word Document which I protected with a passwrod and everything, but I do still share my laptop.  So when I came across LiveJournal, I nearly squealed with girlish delight and then proceeded to scoff at myself for an hour for not thinking of online journals.

And then, I realised that there are communities dedicated to fanfiction, which made me love LiveJournal all the more. And I love Fanfiction. Seriously. So so much. Check out my FF account if you don't believe me. So, I'm not sure if I will be using LJ to post FF, because I guess FF does exist for a reason, right? But I might sort of put up notes to myself about any ideas that may strike me at random times - Isn't that how most ideas strike people anyway?

So yes, I believe this was supposed to be an introduction. I'm a 22 year old girl who loves to read and write although doesn't always have the time to do it.  And for some reason, most of my reading takes place on FF - I believe I may have forgotten about books, as sad as that sounds. I love fanfiction. Because I love writing and I'm too lazy to come up with my own characters. And, I love talking, which is funny because now, ironically, I don't know what to say.

Oops. This was supposed to be short. So, over the next few days, I'll probably check out more about LJ. But 'til then, to quote Gossip Girl, 'xoxo.'

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